Pura vida, Costa Rica

As stated in my blog post yesterday I took a group of 4 students on a 9 day trip to Costa Rica. Below you will find a brief summary of the trip along with photos. If you have any questions let me know.

In Costa Rica we spent the week in Spanish classes a CPI Spanish school. Their prices were reasonable and they were very responsive and flexible with our group. I would definitely bring another group here, but most likely would not return her on my own; I would want more of a immersion program than what’s provided at CPI.

During the weekend we took a long bus over to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca so my students could “see blue water” and experience the strong afro caribe culture in the town. Our trip began in San Jaquin de flores where we took a bus to downtown San Jose. In San Jose we walked up to the bus station where we paid approximately $10 a ticket. The bus ride is supposed to be able 4.5 hours. The way there it took just over 6 hours, but on the way back we made great time, arriving in about 4 hours.

Our only full day in Puerto Viejo, we rented bikes for $7 a day and rode them down to the different beaches just outside of town. The ride was very flat and easy. Once at the beach my girls had a great time playing in the water and on the sand. (never mind taking pictures in more posses then I thought existed)

In town we spent much time going from shop to shop. While in a small boutique shop, Luna May, I got to talking with the fabulous shop worker. I told her our story and she immediately connected. She told us to go to the restaurant right next store and ask for Edwin the owner. It was by far the best advice I received in Costa Rica. Edwin took the girls and me up to the second floor where we were the only customers. While there we ate a delicious seafood plate split between 4 of us and he sat at told us his life story. The girls sat enthralled as he spoke of starting the restaurant when he was only seventeen, of his life in the small village and then as a state Senator for Costa Rica, and his life as a freedom fighter. Walking home the girls remarked ” I want to be afro caribe. Profe how do I become afro Caribe?” Words cannot express the emotions the comments brought. Joy and Pride are only a few.

During the last couple of days we did a free guided tour of Heredia. The local market there is really cool and I highly recommend going out and exploring that part of town.

On our last day we went to Corso Lecheria
and La paz water falls . I ended up spending more money so that we could have a driver and fit everything in, so I don’t know the how much it would cost if you did it on public transportation. Both activities were fun, but if you had to choose one I would 100% recommend choosing La Paz Waterfall gardens. There are a bunch of animals and many things to see. Keep in mind, no matter how hot it may be in San Jose, bring a Jacket for both/ either of these activities. Overall I enjoyed my time in Costa Rica. Traveling with the girls was stressful, but very rewarding.

Como siempre, let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Angry Hater says:

    Booo, worst post ever. Terrible pictures, you clearly did horrible by these kids, and it was clearly an awful experience. Way to be the worst and NOT change these girls’ lives. You are NOT an amazing an inspiring person, and you are clearly NOT living your best life. Way to not be wonderful. Hate you.


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