I used to be called, homage to teaching

I used to be called Cori,
But now you can call me Profe Allan
As in profesora, or professor, to teacher


To whom it may concern

*This is another deviation from my normal posts. I originally wrote this during one of the worst teaching weeks in my 3-year career.* My name is Cori, and for the past two years I have been the Spanish teacher at a high school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My first year at this school I taught…

Costa Rica Precursor

My trip to Costa Rica was unlike an of my other adventures. Instead of traveling solo or with a small, trusted band of friends I was the solo adult taking 4 high school students. Three of the four had never been on an airplane and none of them had ever been outside of the United…

The Ant Who Fights: A 1st Year Teaching Reflection.

*Note: This post deviates from my normal travel theme. The following words are my attempt to process my experience as a first year teacher in Baton Rouge.   My body starts to quake. My hands shake as my heart pumps the anger my mind has blocked off until this moment. The tears filling my eyes are uncontrollable…