Teach for America Delta institute 2015 video

As I mentioned in my post last Thursday I recently did a deep dive in my multimedia files and found a bunch of old videos. One of said videos is a summary of my time spent in the Mississippi Delta with the South Louisiana 2015 Corp. Honestly, this video is one of my all time…

Joys of Solitude

The world of solo traveling is a crazy adventure full of new people, new adventures, and exploration of self. Learning how to love yourself, and the joy of solitude is one of the greatest gifts of Solo traveling.

To whom it may concern

*This is another deviation from my normal posts. I originally wrote this during one of the worst teaching weeks in my 3-year career.* My name is Cori, and for the past two years I have been the Spanish teacher at a high school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My first year at this school I taught…

Pura vida, Costa Rica

As stated in my blog post yesterday I took a group of 4 students on a 9 day trip to Costa Rica. Below you will find a brief summary of the trip along with photos. If you have any questions let me know. In Costa Rica we spent the week in Spanish classes a CPI…

Media Luna, Peru

A twenty minute drive outside of Urubamba lays the community of Media Luna    . The main reason I found myself in Urubmaba was the tourism circuit offered by the Media Luna community. It boasted a hike to salt fields, and classes on local medicinal plants, weaving, guinea pigs, and chicha (a corn based drink)….