Teotihuacan, Mexico City

Last weekend my mom, roommates, friends of roommates, and I all decided to go on an adventure to the Pyramids at Teotihuacan. Mom found this amazing blog post about getting to and from the Pyramids, and all in all it sounded like a great first adventure to take outside of the city.

You know the saying, all bad things come in threes? Typically, I try really hard not to think this way, as I often find if I think three bad things are going to happen, three bad things happen. Call it self fulfilling prophecy if you will. This day though….

I woke up bright and early ready to start the day only to find I had a HUGE swollen lip. I’m talking it looked like I got in a fight with my bed and the bed won. I have absolutely no idea what happened but it took my face out.

This was AFTER it started to calm down.

Then as I’m trying to figure out what I have that I can take to calm the swelling down (shout out to J for the CBD pills) my stomach started to rumble. Rumbling turned to bubbling. And bubbling turned into sprinting towards the bathroom. If you are one with delicate sensibilities I would just stop reading this now.


So here I am, stuck on the toilet, looking like Rocky when mother nature decides to pay a visit.(How does this always seems to happen? Why can you can always rely on your period showing up to add the “cherry” on the top of whatever you’re going through. Lose you job, and you caught your boyfriend cheating on you? Period. Wake up late and have a huge pimple on your face? Period.) That’s exactly how this day went. At least I was already have stomach pain, so what’s some added period cramps right?


However, as you may or may not know, I’m a fighter and continued to be even in the face of such adversity. I chugged some water, stayed in the bathroom as long as possible and then crossed my fingers (or legs if you will) and hoped everything worked out fine.


Thankfully, as unpromising as this day started, the trip to Teotihuacan went pretty well. The bus ride took just over an hour and we arrived around 9; early enough to beat both the crowds and the heat. We made a beeline to the main pyramid (Sun temple) and got to the top before the hordes of people showed up. By 11:30 we were eating our fresh fruit popsicles and heading toward the bus stop.


If you are spending some time in Mexico I would recommend giving this trip a couple of hours. I was a decent introduction into indigenous culture in Mexico and gets you briefly out of the city.

As always hit me up if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


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  1. Larry Rodgers says:

    Val is a trooper!

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    1. Cori says:

      Yes she is!


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