Visiting Korcula Island, Croatia


Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Croatia with my family and some really amazing family friends. I was already planning a trip to Europe and it turned out to be the perfect beginning. At first I was some what nervous at the size, 10!, of the group. How was a group that big ever going to make decisions? Thankfully Papa Craig came to the rescue. He spent so much time prepping and planning for the trip, and it made a huge difference. Everyone got along really well and the rest, as they say, is history.

While in Croatia we spent time in two amazing places: Split and Korcula island.

On Korcula Island we rented a house about a 15 minute drive away from the city of Korcula. As a group we decided to rent scooters, and that was easily one of the best decisions we made. Scooters ran about $30 dollars a day. While slightly on the more expensive end, the scooters meant we could go where ever we wanted on the island, and explore a bunch of smaller beaches we would have never seen otherwise.

Beaches we visited:

Vaja Bay:

Right after the town of Racisce this rocky beach was beautiful. You park up top and then have about a 5 minute walked down to the beach where you will find other beach goers and a small beach stand selling drinks and snacks.


After Vaja Bay we stopped in the town of Racisce for a cold drink and some gelato. Racisce also has a pier great for jumping in the water. One of my favorite places we visited.

Pupnatska Luka:

This beach is on the other side of the island from where we stayed and was very beautiful if a bit sketchy to get there. The road will take you almost right down to the beach, but I would advise caution to inexperienced scooter drivers. There are many tight hairpin turns on the steep road. We were so worried about getting back up the hill on our 50cc scooters my mom asked rides from strangers for the bike passengers (we rode in pairs) (note: we did have to pay for parking -20 Kuna- per spot. We were able to fit al 5 scooters in one spot


I would consider Zitna the most picturesque beach we visited during our time in Croatia. The water is straight stunning with volcanic rock along the walls of the bay. This beach is very protected and there were many families hanging out on the sand. (Again we had to pay for parking. 20 kuna a scooter or 50 a spot. Again we were able to fit all scooters in one spot)

Lumbarda Beach:

On the far east side of the island we went to Lumbarda beach. This beach was the most commercial beach we visited with a restaurant, a cocktail bar, and even an inflated water park. This was also one of the only sand beaches on the island. We spent most of our last day here enjoying our attempts to play the beach ball game, Picigin. We had so much fun trying to keep the ball up, and cheered very loudly when we hit our record number of 46.

Other places to visit:

Besides all of the beaches we also visited a winery and the cool town of Pupnat. We stopped in Pupnat for a coffee on our way to Pupnatska Luka. As the oldest settlement on the island there are some really cool things to see. The hour we spent there was perfect for exploring. (The map goes to the cool little restaurant we visited. Everything at Konoba Mate is made in house and is delicious)

On our one rainy day we took a bus from Korcula City to Lambarda and then walked to Popic winery. Wine tasting four different wines (40 kuna with snacks included) while looking over the veranda past the grape fields to the coast line is high up on coolest things I’ve ever done.

Como siempre let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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