Venice, Italy


At the moment, Venice is flooding. Every day, during high tide this wonderful city floods by 2-3 feet. In honor of this city, and for my dad who is currently there, this week I’m going to write the post about my 3 day trip to Venice last summer. Venice was one of the two locations that I was surprised by during my trip to Europe last year. I went to Venice expecting it to be hot and full of people, and instead found one of my all time favorite places.


My time in Venice was very short, I arrived early morning on a Monday and spent two nights before leaving late Thursday. At this point in my trip I was spending about 4-5 days in 3 different countries and didn’t feel like planning much of anything. So my time in Venice was spent winging it in the inner part of the city.

While in Venice (not Rome) I stayed at The Pescheria Backpackers which cost about $40 a night and was completely worth it, in my opinion. Every day I would wake up early, grab my camera and water bottle and set off wandering the city. I had no plan or direction. I went into one glass blowing shop and ended up learning how to do it myself and making a necklace (I should definitely not try this as a career), I explored countless shops, tiny roads, and hidden pathways. Could I have done more? Yes. Do I regret not going to a single museum? No.




All the trips have I have ever taken have had both the highest of the highest and some of the lowest. There are days, and legs of my trip, where I feel completely alone in this world. And there are others where I feel so alive, so comfortable, so thoroughly happy to be who I am where I am. My time in Venice was one of those high points. I was young. I was free. I was alive.



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