Homage to Croft 17 (week 1)

Croft seventeen is a beautiful thing. Where pickax you can swing, dig a trench while whisling aaanndd that’s about as far as my poetry skills will go on this post. In all seriousness, words cannot express the joy and peace I found during my time on Eigg. From the moment I stepped onto the ferry…

Photo of the Day

An elephant creates a dirt bath for itself in the heat of the South African sun. South Africa, 2017.

Photo of the Day

A baby zebra takes a walk around Kroger National Park in South Africa. 2017

Photo of the Day

Sea lions on the Galapagos are more like water dogs. They play with you while you swim, hang out on park benches, and hang out in the local fish markets. Here a colony of Sea lions takes a brief afternoon nap in the harbor on Isla Isabella in the Galapagos. 2016

Photo of the Day

A Sally Lightfoot Crab basks in the morning sun on the beach in Isla Isabella, Galapagos. 2014.

Pura vida, Costa Rica

As stated in my blog post yesterday I took a group of 4 students on a 9 day trip to Costa Rica. Below you will find a brief summary of the trip along with photos. If you have any questions let me know. In Costa Rica we spent the week in Spanish classes a CPI…

Galapagos Summary

It is becoming more and apparent that I will not have enough time as a first year teacher to regularly update my blog with detailed stories and pictures. Instead I am going to upload the rest of my picture for each location and then some day in the far off distance when I’m not drowning…

Galapagos, part 2

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on some boat tours whilst in the Galapagos. These pictures are an glimpse into those trips. Again, I feel as though the pictures will do a much better job explaining the trip than I ever could. I am, however, going to write a post later…

Galapagos!! Part 1, Isla Santa Cruz

I’m going to let the pictures do the talking this time.