I’m baack 


I apologize for my long absence. When I left Bariloche the plan was to volunteer for two weeks before slowly making my way up to Peru or Bolvia, however that all changed when I actually got to Futaleufu and met my soon to be friend/ boss. Upon arriving in Futaleufu I met F, one of the owners of Tineo Patagonia. Turns out she was leaving for a two week work trip to Ethiopia and wanted me to watch her three year old son while she was gone. 

In the beginning I had mixed feelings about her proposition. I have thirteen years of experience as a nanny. I used my nanny skills to help fund a trip to Spain, my way through college, and the purchase of two cars; I knew that I could easily handle what she wanted me to do. I just didn’t know if it was something I wanted to do. I haven’t spent longer than two weeks away from kids in thirteen years, and I am burnt out. I had picked and applied to farms where I wouldn’t  have to watch kids. I wanted a break from the constant onslaught of needs and engery required when watching a child. 

However, ever I couldn’t help feeling that there was reason I found this place at this time. It was only by the way of a miscommunication from another farm that I was arriving before she left. And when talking to F she told me that she had been sitting at her computer asking the universe for something to work out, something to help her when she received my email asking to come early. So here I was, sitting the in Futaleufu sun accepting a job to work as a nanny for the two weeks she was going to be gone. In total I thought I was going to be on her farm for three weeks. 

Three weeks turned into a month, and almost two months. More posts to follow however, I am so glad I accepted the offer! I had the best four weeks on Tineo Patagonia! And who wouldn’t look at the back yard! 

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  1. Into the mild says:

    Consider volunteering with Biblioworks in Bolivia, it’s a great organization and could use the help.


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