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A little girl enjoys the festivities of the Half year celebration in Korcula, Croatia 2018. Advertisements

Photo of the Day

An elephant creates a dirt bath for itself in the heat of the South African sun. South Africa, 2017.

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Edinburgh two times during my stay in the United Kingdom. I first visited this lovely city on my way up to the Isle of Eigg in mid-July, and then again on my return trip. I absolutely loved the city both times. Edinburgh is a city…

How to do London like a Local

During my three days in London I had two amazing family friends show me some not-so-typical places in the city. After a day of seeing the touristy sights they took me out to see a different side of London. Every single time I will pick the non-touristy activities over the tourist sights and this time…


What are hostels? What should I look for when picking a hostel? After traveling to over 25 countries and staying in hostel in all of them this post talks about how hostels can help you travel all over the world and how to pick a hostel to fit your needs.

Little Corn, Nicaragua

My trip to Little Corn was more then slightly ironic. I spent 3.5 weeks in Nicaragua, and most of my time was spent taking classes and studying. Towards the end of my classes I decided to spurge a bit and go to an island in the Caribbean, Little Corn. After my research the island seemed…

Homestay, Esteli Nicaragua

As I have mentioned before I had a wonderful time staying at Doña Victoria’s house while in Esteli. As a grandma, many of the members of her family live on the block and her house is full of laugher and love. She and her family treated me as an extension of the family. We danced, celebrated…

Leather Workshop, Esteli Nicaragua

While walking to Las Mujeres Ambientalistas we stopped at a local leather working shop. This shop in the front was a store selling saddles, rope, and more, and in the back held a workshop where young men, most working to pay for school, manipulated, cut, and stapled leather; making items for the store front.  

Horseshoe Making workshop, Esteli Nicaragua

After our stop at the leather workshop we made a quick detour to a horseshoe making workshop. In the back of a house, just after the kitchen, two men worked in a rhythm heating, pounding, and cooling the metal until it was ready. Once ready it was placed in a large canvas bag, already bursting…

Off-The-Beaten-Trail Guide to Nicaragua

I always try to find the most possible information whenever I plan to visit a new location. Where should I stay? What should I do? What shouldn’t I do? Unfortunately, very often I am either unable to find enough information, or the information I do find keeps me on the beaten “back packer trail”. Occasionally,…