Bazar de Sabado, Mexico City

At the end of the month I’ll have officially spend 4 months here in this grand Mexico City. I love it here. I love that I have a Salsa/bachata/tango studio a five minute walk from my house. I love that I can walk 10 minutes and arrive at a market where I can buy huge…

Homage to Croft 17 (week 1)

Croft seventeen is a beautiful thing. Where pickax you can swing, dig a trench while whisling aaanndd that’s about as far as my poetry skills will go on this post. In all seriousness, words cannot express the joy and peace I found during my time on Eigg. From the moment I stepped onto the ferry…

A Change of Direction

I have had such an amazing time in Europe; from Korcula Island to Germany I have been so blessed with people and experiences during this trip. I still have so much to share about my trip (the last blog post talks about my time in early July) and I have literally over 1000 pictures left to…

Mallaig, Scotland

Collectively I spent multiple days in the small port town of Mallaig. During my first visit I arrived on the morning Jacobite train, dropped my bags off in the backpacker hostel above a restaurant, and spent the rest of the day hanging out with a friend i made on the train. It was during this…

Fort Williams, Scotland

Getting up to the Isle of Eigg and my volunteering opportunity was definitely an undertaking. Instead of trying to do it all in a day or two, I decided to take my time and experience more then what I could see from out the train window. I also may have been determined to ride the…

Photo of the Day

A couple lounges in Zitna bay on Korcula Island, Croatia. 2018

Photo of the Day

While in Esteli, Nicaragua I had the amazing opportunity to tour a running cigar factory and even had the opportunity to try my own hand at rolling. I will definitely stick to my day job. 2016

Photo of the Day

Fresh made cheese waits to be purchased in a plastic box on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Photo of the Day

  Cane juice anyone? Manual cane juice cart on the streets of Cali, Colombia. 2014

Photo of the Day

Children dance during the Fiesta Patronal en Matagalpa, Nicaragua. 2016.

Photo of the Day

A Sally Lightfoot Crab basks in the morning sun on the beach in Isla Isabella, Galapagos. 2014.

Photo of the Day

Monarch Butterfly takes a break from a hard days life in La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica. 2018.