Bazar de Sabado, Mexico City

Greece-1At the end of the month I’ll have officially spend 4 months here in this grand Mexico City. I love it here. I love that I have a Salsa/bachata/tango studio a five minute walk from my house. I love that I can walk 10 minutes and arrive at a market where I can buy huge quesadillas for 30 pesos a pop. Mexico city has the second most museums in the WORLD. Now, I will admit that I’ve been slacking on the museum visits but in my defense most of my weeks are spent outside of the city. This weekend however, I’m planning on going on a huge museum tour- I’ll let you know how it goes.

Even though I haven’t spent that many weekends in Mexico City, one of the times I did actually stay in town I had the pleasure of going to the Bazar de Sabado. I love, love, love markets. I love being able to walk around and seeing what the people have, while also watching what people want. It’s such an interesting dance.


The bazar de Sabado is a market offered every Saturday in San Angel. It’s located very closely to the Insurgentes del sur Metro stop. From Coyoacan I just caught a bus going in the direction of Oasis and it took us all the way to the Insurgentes de Sur stop. You could also walk from Coyoacan if you wanted and I think it would talk you about an hour.

While I loved Bazar de Sabado you need to know that IT’S REALLY EXPENSIVE. Well, let me put it this way, it’s relatively really expensive. When you compare it to the Market in Coyoacan or the Bazar in la UNAM then it’s quite a bit more. I’m planning on writing blog posts for both of these markets so keep your eye out in the upcoming weeks.

Once you arrive at the Bazar de Sabado I recommend walking around all the stalls on the outside. You’ll see rows and rows of artwork and hand made masterpieces. I was able to find a gift for my “nephew” that I have been looking for for months.

To eat the restaurant on the inside of the market is decently priced if you pick the “to-go” option. You can watch the women make the tortillas while you wait for them to fill your quesadilla. Once you get your food walk back out the one entrance and you should be able to find a ledge to sit on while you eat right next to the door.


I recommend going relatively early to beat the crowds and the heat. All of the stalls are open around 12, but you can arrive earlier and still see a lot of really cool and interesting things. When your feet start to ache grab some food before heading home or to the centro historico to wander through the original “Mexico City”


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