A Change of Direction

I have had such an amazing time in Europe; from Korcula Island to Germany I have been so blessed with people and experiences during this trip. I still have so much to share about my trip (the last blog post talks about my time in early July) and I have literally over 1000 pictures left to post (although that means I probably need to go through and edit them first). However in real time I am writing this from the Munich airport about to start the two day journey home. First I fly to London where I spend approximately 10 hours before catching a direct flight tomorrow morning to Seattle. I will have about 4 days visiting family, doing laundry, and building out the back of my Toyota Tacoma 1997 (I know, I know, I always roll in style #watchout).

A woman and her truck.

Really detailed future plans

(Skip to Basic plan if you don’t care about the details)

Around October 16th I plan to leave Seattle in my tricked out Toyota and head to Colorado. I will arrive in Colorado the night of the 19th where I will stay with my sister. The following morning head over to the wedding of one of my college roommates where I have the daunting task of photographing her wedding. I am mutually incredibly excited and terrified. I’m not sure exactly how much time I will stay in Denver, but I will leave most likely around the 23rd.

Where I will then head to Baton Rouge!! I am so excited to visit my old home. I cannot wait to see my babies (my students) and visit with some of the most amazing people on the planet. Have I told you I’m excited to visit BR?

Again I’m not sure about the exact timing of my BR visit but I will most likely leave Louisiana around the 29th where I then head up to Michigan. The original plan was to drive along the east coast, but given the time and my current financial status I had to make a change of plans.

While in Michigan I will visit with family and meet my (new!!!) baby cousin. It’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to visit family in Michigan and I cannot wait to reconnect. There really is nothing quite like family.

Again I’m not sure about my timing. All I know is that I have to be back in Seattle around the 23rd of November to celebrate Thanksgiving with the fam. Seeing as I have already made the trip from Michigan to Seattle by car multiple times, I may pop up into Canada and drive north via that route. Do you have any suggestions? Any must sees?

Basic Over view

I am trading in the life of a solo female back packer for the life of a dirt bag; someone who lives out the back of their car. I will continue to post on my blog both about my Europe travels and life from the back of my car. I will continue to fight the good fight in terms of photo editing and posting. I don’t know where my life is going to take me, but I’m sure as hell enjoying the ride.

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