Photo of the Day

Colors paint Carnaby Street in London as locals was the English world cup team triumph over Colombia. 2018

Photo of the day

A woman works to make recycled paper at Las Muejeres Ambientalistas in Esteli, Nicaragua. Las Muejeres Ambientalistas is a non-profit group that makes products for their recycled paper to help support and care for single mothers who have escaped domestic violence relationships. 2016

Photo of the day

Violet Sabrewing hummingbird looks to perch in La Paz Waterfalls, Costa Rica. 2018

How to do London like a Local

During my three days in London I had two amazing family friends show me some not-so-typical places in the city. After a day of seeing the touristy sights they took me out to see a different side of London. Every single time I will pick the non-touristy activities over the tourist sights and this time…


What are hostels? What should I look for when picking a hostel? After traveling to over 25 countries and staying in hostel in all of them this post talks about how hostels can help you travel all over the world and how to pick a hostel to fit your needs.

The Highs and Lows of Traveling

As a traveler, particularly a travel photographer, it’s very easy to only show the highlights and let people believe traveling is always living your best self: traveling to cool places, exploring awesome sites, and making great friends. Sometimes, however, traveling sucks. Traveling can be bad food, getting ripped off, and being so exhausted all you…


My experiences, and choice, to solo travel often comes up in conversation. Inherently there are a collection of different responses. Ranging from “glad I don’t have a daughter” exclamations to eager questions of practically, solo traveling tends to invoke an emotional response. Undoubtedly questions about fear dominate all others, “Weren’t your parents scared? Weren’t you…

How I paid for eight months of travel.

People ask me all the time how I was able to afford eight months of travel. I always reply with the same three reasons: privilege, luck, and planning. Privilege. I was born into a world segregated by varying degrees of privilege. I come from a stable family, supporting community, and various other areas of privilege….

Oh Luang Prabang!

Spent five days in the middle of northern Laos at Luang Prabang. I went to a great Lao cooking class, hung out with some wonderful people, and saw the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. The fish biting my feet scared me though. Sorry for the delay in posts, the Internet hasn’t been strong enough…