How to Pack Your Carry-on Bag

Hello one and all, today I’ll be talking about my bag, and how I get everything I need for 4 months squeezed into my Osprey Porter 45. Many people are interested in just how I manage to bring months of clothing in just 2 carry on bags. As a society, we’ve been so conditioned to believe that we need 8 million clothing items and living with only a handful of shirts and pants and 3 pairs of shoes in unimaginable.So today I’ve decided to share a short video I made for my aunt on how I get everything into my main bag. Thursday there is a blog talking about my packing list for South East Asia and next Tuesday there will be a post on my packing list for my current Mexico/US trip.

Enjoy!*Note the picture is NOT me. I snapped this shot hilarious shot of a ridiculous pack in Peru back in 2015.

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  1. laura denman says:

    Nice video Cori 🙂
    Good tips!


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