How to Pack Your Carry-on Bag

Hello one and all, today I’ll be talking about my bag, and how I get everything I need for 4 months squeezed into my Osprey Porter 45. Many people are interested in just how I manage to bring months of clothing in just 2 carry on bags. As a society, we’ve been so conditioned to…

Throwback Thursday: 12:30 am

Its 12:30 am and I know I will feel this late night tomorrow as I wake up and drive more hours than I slept home. Yet despite all that, the words lay storming in my mind waiting to stream out of my fingers and swim like migrating salmon onto the page.

My Traveling Must Haves

Wow, last week I received a notification stating this blog has just turned 6! I’m completely stunned, how has time gone by this fast? I swear just yesterday I was standing in the aisles of my local REI trying to figure out which backpack would be the best for my trip to Spain. Now, 6 years, 3 jobs, and 30 countries later I still have that same exact pack accompanying me on my adventures. To honor this fun (abet scary) anniversary I have decided to talk about a few of my favorite things. My backpacking must haves.

Photo of the Day

Views from the Jacobite Steam Train from Fort Williams to Mallaig, Scotland. 2018

Fort Williams, Scotland

Getting up to the Isle of Eigg and my volunteering opportunity was definitely an undertaking. Instead of trying to do it all in a day or two, I decided to take my time and experience more then what I could see from out the train window. I also may have been determined to ride the…

Edinburgh, Scotland

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Edinburgh two times during my stay in the United Kingdom. I first visited this lovely city on my way up to the Isle of Eigg in mid-July, and then again on my return trip. I absolutely loved the city both times. Edinburgh is a city…

Split, Croatia

Traveling through Croatia with my family has definitely been a highlight of my trip so far. After returning from Costa Rica with my students I had 12 days to get rid of 2/3 of my stuff, mail the rest across the country to my parents place (if you ever need to ship things across the…

The Highs and Lows of Traveling

As a traveler, particularly a travel photographer, it’s very easy to only show the highlights and let people believe traveling is always living your best self: traveling to cool places, exploring awesome sites, and making great friends. Sometimes, however, traveling sucks. Traveling can be bad food, getting ripped off, and being so exhausted all you…

How I paid for eight months of travel.

People ask me all the time how I was able to afford eight months of travel. I always reply with the same three reasons: privilege, luck, and planning. Privilege. I was born into a world segregated by varying degrees of privilege. I come from a stable family, supporting community, and various other areas of privilege….