Cuernavaca, Mexico


Last week mom and I went on our last weekend adventure of this trip together. Despite going out salsa dancing the night before we were determined to enjoy her last weekend in Mexico. So around 12 in the afternoon we caught an Uber with two of our friends and took a 2 hour trip down to Cuernavaca. As someone who’s usually a solo traveler traveling with a group is always really interesting. When I’m alone I go when and how I want. I eat when I want, I go to the bathroom when I need. Now there are many really great things about traveling with a group, which I plan to talk about in my blog post next week, but on our trip to Cuernavaca I found myself thinking quite a bit about how traveling with a group impacts the overall experience.

When we finally got to Cuernavaca I was really hungry, and those of you who know me also know that when I’m hungry I’m more like a count down to a bomb than a human. All I wanted to do was grab a quick bite to eat and then head out exploring, however that wasn’t how things turned out.

First, J had to use the bathroom. Then Y wanted to get a coffee. Then J couldn’t find a bathroom. Then “we” wanted to walk around the square. Next was the search for a restaurant that people wanted to eat at. During this exploration J wanted to stop and by a t-shirt for his niece. At this point we had been in Cuernavaca for close to an hour and still nowhere near being able to find some food. Once we finally sat down to eat both myself and J, after looking at the menu, thought we didn’t really want to eat here. So we moved over to the restaurant next door which proceeded to mess up every single one of our orders.

Oh, I’m sorry when you said you didn’t want cheese three sperate times did that mean I should have asked them to keep the cheese off? Don’t worry we can just scrape it off taking half the food with it. Oh, my bad when you asked for the soup before your food did that mean I should have brought it out first?

At this point things just became comical. How can so many things could go wrong in one meal?

By the time we finished and paid for our food we had about 2 hours before we needed to catch the bus back. We did a quick walk around the city center, the church, and a cool artisan market. Then it was time to head to the bus station where we were able to catch a bus back for 73 pesos a person thanks to our student ID’s.

I know it may not seem like it, but I actually enjoyed the trip to Cuernavaca. I enjoyed spending time with mom and exploring (quickly) the city. I also really enjoyed being able to take a trip, but also spend the night in my own bed. Next week’s post will be the first without the momsie and potentially the last in Mexico– who knows where this path of life will take me next.

Until then savor every moment, and as always let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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