Photos from Venice

On Sunday I wrote a post about my time in Venice last year. While going through my pictures for the post I stumbled upon a couple (about 500) more shots. I couldn’t fit all of them in my short post so I decided to write another solely dedicated to some of my favorites. I hope…

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Last week mom and I went on our last weekend adventure of this trip together. Despite going out salsa dancing the night before we were determined to enjoy her last weekend in Mexico. So around 12 in the afternoon we caught an Uber with two of our friends and took a 2 hour trip down…

Mexico City Pride 2019

Upon our arrival to Mexico City my mom and I had about 3 days to explore the city of Mexico before starting our language classes at CEPE. We purposefully booked rooms at a hostel in the center of the historic district even though it was about an hour away from CEPE by transport for two…

Photo of the day

A little girl enjoys the festivities of the Half year celebration in Korcula, Croatia 2018.

Photo of the Day

An elephant creates a dirt bath for itself in the heat of the South African sun. South Africa, 2017.

EIGG, Scotland

My adventure to the wonderful Isle of Eigg was not by chance. In all actuality I was searching specifically for volunteering opportunities on the Isle of Eigg per my lovely, amazing adoptive Aunt L. She had gone on her own adventure through Scotland the previous year and returned with rave reviews for the Isle of…

Photo of the Day

A baby zebra takes a walk around Kroger National Park in South Africa. 2017

Photo of the Day

Views from the Jacobite Steam Train from Fort Williams to Mallaig, Scotland. 2018

Photo of the Day

A man labors over a horse saddle in progress in the back yard workshop, Esteli, Nicaragua. 2016

Photo of the Day

Sea lions on the Galapagos are more like water dogs. They play with you while you swim, hang out on park benches, and hang out in the local fish markets. Here a colony of Sea lions takes a brief afternoon nap in the harbor on Isla Isabella in the Galapagos. 2016