Throwback Thursday McKinley 2017-2018

The final “throwback Thursday” video! This video, as you can probably tell in the title is from my second and final video from my time at McKinley Senior High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This video documents both the best and the worst times I experienced in my life as a teacher. From Dia de los Muertos school wide celebrations, to me being petty and zooming in on a student who was mad at me I hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life that is a Spanish teacher.

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  1. Laureen says:

    I wish I could say that this reminds me of my time at highschool but in Germany, we don’t have a highschool-system – but it looks adorable anyway:)


    1. Cori says:

      Thank you! I had such a good time with these kiddos. Am I correct in thinking that in Germany you have like a three tiered system?

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      1. Laureen says:

        Kind of yes we do. First, there is a mix of kindergarten (in Germany we say the same) and preschool (which isn’t the same as kindergarten over here – it’s like a real school where the students are still allowed to eat with their hands:)) then comes to elementary school for four years, followed by different school-forms (depending on how good your grades in elementary school were) which – after 8-9 years – lead to different degrees. The highest possible to achieve is the Abitur – with this degree you can study at any university that accepts you. The Abi-Ball (Abi=Abitur) is our prom and german students are very eager to achieve the coolness associated with America when it gets to this ball:)

        Happy late-hour


      2. Cori says:

        Wow that’s really interesting. What do you think of it? Do you think it’s effective? Haha I love it. I bet they have a great time!

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      3. Laureen says:

        The last years have shown that wathever Germany is doing with ist school system – it does not work. So no, it isn’t very effective but still I do believe that if some things inside the schools would change – the different school-forms should work very well together:)


      4. Cori says:

        Ah really how so? I’m so glad you wrote me, I absolutely love talking to people about the different systems of education around the world. It’s so fascinating.

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      5. Laureen says:

        That’s great:) To explain why our schools don’t work so good (and this doesn’t mean that there weren’t thousands of very happy students) is a bit much but one problem I can probably explain.

        At first, I should let you know that Germany has a compulsory school attendance. And this is taken very seriously. Takes to mean that as long as you don’t want to break the law you have to send your child to school no matter what. Now the problem in Germany is that there aren’t by far enough teachers and as a consequence, some (most) students have to get along on their own when for example half of a year there simply is no math teacher to be found. So your child needs this teacher in order to get the grades in order to get the job he or she desires. And law commands: visit your school. But the school doesn’t provide anymore what the child would need to get. So it is forced to give time to a school that gives nothing in return and even blocks at least 6 hours a day the or she could use otherwise to learn somewhere else. And that is really bad because now the children have to give energy to the school and to all the stuff they need to do after school because the teacher wasn’t available.

        That is one major problem – great support are our polish neighbours. They have enough teachers and sometimes they share them with us. A ray of light until a new generation of teachers is educated.

        Have a great evening:)


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