The rest, Puerto Rico


M and I spent three nights on flamenco beach. Afterwards we took a ferry and then a taxi to a beach called seven seas. This beach was again beautiful, although lacked the stunning quality of culebra. We spent two nights there until heading over to Ms favorite beach. This beach located outside of luquillo (I forget the name) was Ms favorite not because of the sand, or the people, or even because the water. This beach was his favorite because they had one dollar empanadas. 

After stuffing our faces for a full day while enjoying the waters and playing cards by the beach we went back to San Juan for one last night of luxury. In San Juan we booked a room at the four star hotel Carbe Hilton. Boasting three infinity pools, a beach, and a pier and located right on the sea it was, to say the least, a slight step up from our previous accommodations in a tent. As M put it, right after first laying down on the bed, “my hip doesn’t hurt when I lay on my side”. That, ladies and gentleman, is a true standard of luxury. 

We arrived at the hotel around 12 which meant we had most of the day to spend by the poolside. We also took advantage of the good wifi and skyped some family members. All in all we had an amazing trip. 


















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