Guayaquil, Ecuador 


My journey back to Ecuador from Puerto Rico was not for the faint of heart. I left Puerto Rico at 7pm on the 28th, had a 12 hour, overnight layover in Bogota before arriving in Quito the morning of the 29th. From Quito I took a 2 hour bus ride to an outlying town where I could then take a bus to Guayaquil. Upon arriving at the bus station however, I realized the best option was the overnight bus. This meant another 12 hours waiting, only this time I didn’t sleep. 12 long, long hours later (did I mention long) I was finally on a bus to Guayaquil…. At least I was pretty sure. There was some problem with my ticket not being for the exact bus but then the driver said it was ok although the attendant clearly didn’t agree. So, there I was at 12 am, in the middle of Ecuador on a bus. I figured I could sort it all out when I arrived to wherever I was going. 

Thankfully, I did arrive in Guayaquil. And on top of it the hostel I had booked was only about a mile away from the bus station/ airport and I decided to walk. I spent one night here which give me enough time to do laundry and get a pedicure…. I’m really living the hard life. The next morning I was headed to the Galapagos!





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