Tofo, Mozambique

December 23, 2016 I found myself hunched over my journal under the dim lighting of my hostel dorm room in Tofo, Mozambique. My pen scratched across the page describing the journey from Baton Rouge to my current location. First the flight to Washington, to meet up with N and spend the night with my cousin….

Kefalos, Kos, Greece

For this weeks edition of “Throwback Thursday” I’m bringing it all the way back to last August when I met up with my BBWANEF * on the Isle of Kos in Greece. I’ve known M almost my whole life. From the moment his family got two new kittens and his mom let an 9 year-old…

Acapulco, Mexico

So I have a confession to make, I wasn’t looking forward to going to Acapulco. If you frequently read these posts then you probably know that I don’t really enjoy going to tourist areas. In my experience tourist areas using have loads of people, everything is expensive, you aren’t actually experiencing the true culture of…

Photo of the Day

A couple lounges in Zitna bay on Korcula Island, Croatia. 2018

Little Corn, Nicaragua

My trip to Little Corn was more then slightly ironic. I spent 3.5 weeks in Nicaragua, and most of my time was spent taking classes and studying. Towards the end of my classes I decided to spurge a bit and go to an island in the Caribbean, Little Corn. After my research the island seemed…

Oyii Cartagena

I could not have ended my trip in a place better than Cartagena. Although my visit started off on a precarious foot (bus driver took me to get off on the wrong stop and I ended up walking 1 hour with all my bags in 90+ degree weather). I ended up having a fabulous time….

Galapagos Summary

It is becoming more and apparent that I will not have enough time as a first year teacher to regularly update my blog with detailed stories and pictures. Instead I am going to upload the rest of my picture for each location and then some day in the far off distance when I’m not drowning…

The rest, Puerto Rico

M and I spent three nights on flamenco beach. Afterwards we took a ferry and then a taxi to a beach called seven seas. This beach was again beautiful, although lacked the stunning quality of culebra. We spent two nights there until heading over to Ms favorite beach. This beach located outside of luquillo (I…

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Flamenco beach on Culebra island is amazing. One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The island used to be a base for US military and as such has two abandoned tanks and some active Land mines if you leave the main path. So don’t leave the main path. The beach was packed…

South East Asia Video !!

Had a really fun 8 hours making a video of my trip (and by fun I mean, as fun as having your teeth pulled). If you want a pretty accurate summary of my three month adventure, check it out! South East Asia 2014  Enjoy!