Ho-lay Bariloche


Two hours ago I was laying in bed.

Two hours ago my day consisted of laying in bed, eating, and watching the Seahawks game.

One hour ago an email informed me that I needed to be in Bariloche today before midnight.

One hour ago I booked my flight, canceled my last nights stay (didn’t get a refund), called a taxi, bought a sleeping bag, frantically sent out different forms of communication, and desperately looked for a place to watch the Seahawks game.

Currently, I am sitting in the Buenos Aires airport waiting for my flight to arrive. As you can see, I have had a bit of a busy day. I am going to Bariloche to work on a farm ( via the workaway program). I have been emailing the owner over the past couple of weeks, and even though he hasn’t been very responsive I was really excited. When I learned that the Seahawks game was Sunday and not Saturday yesterday I changed my plans and thought that it wouldn’t be a problem. Turns out, I need to arrive in Bariloche today before midnight or I will have to go through this huge process of buses, taxis, walking, and time to get to this farm. That is not happening.

In one hour I will get on an airplane and hopefully find both my soon to be boss, and a TV to watch the game on. Go Hawks (I obviously have my priorities straight)

(As you may have noticed, I have not upload any pictures yet. I was intending to spend most of today updating and uploading my blog–this will not be happening. I will most likely update my blog when I get back from the farm.)

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  1. Larry Rodgers says:

    Enjoy Bariloche, Sue’s cousin the chef in Aspen was married to a gal from Bariloche.

    The Rodgers’ iPad 2708 S Kline Circle Lakewood, CO 80227



    1. coriallan says:

      Thank you! It’s crazy how many people you know. You know people from every where!


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