On the road again.


Well, I have arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina… And I’m pretty unprepared.

I arrived with no idea of a place to stay, no clue of transportation options, and in general no preparation. In part, this was a result of my hectic 2.5 weeks spent at home. I have no idea how the time passed so quickly!! One day I was arriving into Seattle and the next I had 24 hours until South America. Thankfully, my time in South East Asia prepared me enough to figure out everything on the fly. Unfortunately, even though I figured it all out, my unplanned-ness did not play in my favor. I spent about 2 hours walking up and down the airport trying to figure out money and transportation. Then I ended up on a 3 hour bus ride (I originally thought it was going to be about 30 minutes and spent a good 20 minutes believing I was going in the completely wrong direction. Thankfully a nice local helped me out). The first hostel I went to was completely booked. They were able to find me a bed in another place, which I found after 30 minutes of walking around lost.

In the end everything worked out. I like my hostel (even if it is a bit expensive) and I was able to change some of my US money. I went on a nice walking tour today, and am currently in the process of planning my next move.

It looks like I’m going to work on a farm in Argentina for a week before going into Chile. In Chile I will again work on a farm before potentially making my way down to the south most city in South America :).

It’s been crazy how easily I have slipped into my “backpacker” shoes. It almost feels like I never stopped.

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  1. flusspferd1 says:

    Enjoy Buenos Aires, LOVELY city!


    1. coriallan says:

      Thank you! I did, it is a wonderful city!


  2. Diane Alkan says:

    Hi Cori. I just got caught up on all of your adventures-wow-how fabulous! Good for you; brave and fearless! The stories are great and the photos so beautiful. Godspeed!


    1. coriallan says:

      Thank you! Missing you tons!


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