25 things a backpacker thinks while on a bus in Southeast asia


Ok, I don’t know the language, I don’t know the culture, I have no idea where the bus stop is; lets do this thing.

1. Ok, is this the bus stop? Where are the buses… Oh I think I see them. Wait. No. Wait yes. Ok, yeah, I’m so good; I got this.

2. Crap, what’s the name of the place I’m going? Ok I have no idea how to pronounce this. Well yolo. “I want to go to waatt buunng fraaa”.. Why is he laughing at me? “You want to go to wat bung phra, ok wait over there”. Crap. I definitely said that wrong.

3. Ok this must be my bus (stands up) “no, no, no not you!” “Wat bung phra? ” (attendant shakes his head no)…..Damn did I just miss my bus?

Ten minutes later

4. Ok this must be my bus (stands up) “no, no, no not you!” “Wat bung phra?” I ask (attendant shakes his head no)…..Damn did I just miss my bus?

5. Ok, I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes, I definitely missed my bus. “Wat bung phra” the attendant gestures. YAY! Didn’t miss the bus….wait, am I sure this is the right bus? “Wat bung phra?” I ask, ok he’s definitely getting annoyed. “Yesss” he answers.

6. Dang this bus is small.


8. We almost died,

9. Did we just hit that car?

10. Is this my stop?

11. Should I be getting out right now?

12. “Wat bung Phra?” “not you” oh ok….are you sure?

13. What does wat bung phra even mean?

14. Where are we?

15. There’s no way we can all fit in here

16. Well, that’s one way to get twenty people inside.

17. Did I just miss my stop?

18. Wat bung phra?

19. Where the hell am I?

20. How long is this going to take? Will there be food there?

21. I thought it was only supposed to be two hours, I’ve definitely been on here for four hours.

22. Is THIS my stop!?

23. No?… Yes?… Wait, what did he just say?

24. I really need to learn this language

25. Wat bung Phra?… Really? I MADE IT!!

Man I am incredible ……Wait, where am I?

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