Embarking on a new adventure

As you all know I am currently on an 8 month trip around the world. During this adventure I am documenting my experiences behind the lens of a camera. I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed taking pictures. I love having the opportunity to capture different views and angles of people, places, and cultures.

However, travel is not cheap. I have spent the last two plus months spending money, and not making anything. Over the past couple of weeks I have begun to explore possible ways to change this. How can I make money while I travel? Is it even possible? Can I figure out a way to make money while traveling and enjoy it at the same time? I see photography as a way to possibly do this. In order to help fund my trip I have started to sell my pictures as prints and on products such as iPhone cases. I have found a website that will take care of everything. Printing, sales, customer service, and shipping. Through it all I keep all royalties and make a 20% profit of all items sold.

It’s scary to put myself out there like this. Doubts and questions keep running through my mind, and I feel very self conscious; what if I fail? Are my photos even that good? However, if traveling has taught me anything, it is to live in the moment. If you don’t take risks, I don’t really experience life. So here I am, taking a risk. (And thankfully I don’t have any start up costs so other than my ego, I don’t have much to lose).

That all being said, If you are looking for some more art, or maybe a Christmas present I would love for you to check my stuff out! However, don’t feel pressured to do anything:).

Dont Worry Madre for sale!

I’m trying to add more pictures every time I get decent wifi.

Happy holidays

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