Media Luna, Peru

A twenty minute drive outside of Urubamba lays the community of Media Luna    . The main reason I found myself in Urubmaba was the tourism circuit offered by the Media Luna community. It boasted a hike to salt fields, and classes on local medicinal plants, weaving, guinea pigs, and chicha (a corn based drink)….


After all my time in touristy Cusco I was ready for a change in scenery. Urubamba proved to be the perfect place for me. I arrived sometime in the afternoon and walked throught the whole town (all five blocks) trying to find a place to sleep. After walking about 25 minutes I stopped and asked…

“Cori”-Oro in Quechua, Cusco, Peru

  The dominant native people in Peru are the Quechuan people. They built Machu Picchu, and ruled the “belly button” (Cusco) of the world for hundreds of years. The Quechuan people, culture, and language are a very prominent aspect of a Peruvian experience. There were times during my travels that the language barrier was…

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Most my days in BA consisted of sleeping in, being sick, and leaving the hostel once everyday. The first day I went on walking tour with the hostel to Palmero. The second time I needed to pick up some money that I sent to me. I used a program called xoom because I could get…

La boca, Buenos Aires

Although I wasn’t feeling well one of my dorm mates dragged me out of bed to see La Boca. La Boca is a small area in Buenos Aires with colorful buildings and thriving culture.