After all my time in touristy Cusco I was ready for a change in scenery. Urubamba proved to be the perfect place for me. I arrived sometime in the afternoon and walked throught the whole town (all five blocks) trying to find a place to sleep. After walking about 25 minutes I stopped and asked a woman sitting outside her store. She was very kind and pointed me in the right direction. For my next two days in Urubamba I saw her many times. After a while she invited me to sit down and talk with her. Which was very nice, but we did not understand anything that the other person said. It was interesting. I knew my spanish was correct, but she still didn’t understand. I think I had an accent much stronger than she as used to and it caused problems. 


Urubamba was a nice escape. A market town, I spent my days waking through the stalls and stacked food. I ate fried chicken and papas fritas at a local vender, and bought the local strawberries to snack on as I walked. 



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