Chasing the sun (the sequel)

Man, getting to Thailand is no joke. Wednesday morning I woke up, finalized some packing (almost forgot a towel), went to crossfit (don’t judge me), and then headed to the airport with my wonderful father. After a quick stop for food and tears with my momma, we arrived at the airport a little before 1. My dad walked me to security, said his goodbyes, and then left. I usually find goodbyes hard, and this one was no exception. And I don’t know about you but when someone tries to comfort you it typically makes me cry worse, which is what happened …in the security line… at the airport.

Nonetheless, I made it to the airport gate with a couple of minutes to spare. My flight was from seattle to Seoul, South Korea and lasted 11 hours. During these eleven hours I watched 2.5 movies (I didn’t realized the main characters in fault in our stars were the same as the main characters in divergent!!), read one book, and battled for my own seat space with the women next to me. During this entire flight, the sun did not set.

Arriving into the Seoul (it’s actually a different name I don’t remember, and can’t spell) airport was absolutely beautiful. The airport is located on an island, and I happened to arrive right when the tide was all the way out while the sun cast a supernatural haze. I took a picture with my ipod, but could not get it onto my iPad to post.

My layover was only an hour long, which worried me. I half walked/half ran through the airport and the quasi customs, and arrived at the gate with plenty of time. After sending some emails and checking Facebook I sat back and realized that I had been up 20 hours with no sunset. There is something horribly beautiful about chasing the sun.

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