South East Asia Video !!

Had a really fun 8 hours making a video of my trip (and by fun I mean, as fun as having your teeth pulled). If you want a pretty accurate summary of my three month adventure, check it out! South East Asia 2014  Enjoy!

Wat Bang Fra

A couple of nights ago I woke up very early to watch the Seahawks play the Broncos. Right around half time two of my fellow members of the hostel woke up and invited me to go to a temple, where they were going to get a tattoo. This particular tattoo experiences involved traveling 2 hours…

Chasing the sun (the sequel)

Man, getting to Thailand is no joke. Wednesday morning I woke up, finalized some packing (almost forgot a towel), went to crossfit (don’t judge me), and then headed to the airport with my wonderful father. After a quick stop for food and tears with my momma, we arrived at the airport a little before 1….