Eating watermelon with a fork

It has been a very long week. It’s hard to believe that only a week ago I left Seattle. After arriving at my house in Sevilla, I met my roommate and we explored the town. So. Much. Walking. Friday was orientation day spent walking the city, meeting teachers, and eating. Getting used to the eating schedule has been tough; breakfast is around 8:00 and you only have toast and coffee, afterwards I go to school and return around 2 for lunch at 2:15, then after lunch I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want, and I’m hoping to use this time to go to different places around Sevilla. Dinner is at 9:15.

Yesterday, Sunday, I went on a trip offered by my school to the beach. My teacher had no idea where we were supposed to go, and as a result, we missed the tour of some church (there are so many churches) and then got lost trying to find the place where were going to ride horses. So instead we went to the beach for an hour and then back to find the horses. Unfortunately the group was divided up into two smaller groups and so when one group was riding horses, the other group had to sit and wait for an hour.

I seemed to have chosen a program marketed to young, white, rich women from small private colleges. Needless to say most are not my type of people, however it provided me entertainment during our excursion yesterday.

As my roommate and I arrived at the meeting location it became very apparent most of these girls had no idea what they had signed up for. A mirage of shorts and flip flops and even one dress- my peers were going to have a good time attempting to ride a horse. Once actually on a horse, they were so scared I couldn’t help but laugh. Multiple girls demanded someone help them get down, and few were on the brink of tears. On one hand I thought it was really funny to watch these prissy girls, one of which exclaimed, “I’m getting dirty! Dirt and I don’t mix”, attempting to ride a horse, however on the other hand it was frustrating because they really limited the ride. They couldn’t handle walking and so any thing harder was out of the question. Thus, which riding on the beach was really nice, it was in some ways a waste of my time.

I was however, able to meet some really nice girls that are much more like minded, and I’m hoping that they would be interested in exploring and actually going on some fun adventures.

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  1. laura says:

    Yo, Cori: So happy to hear you arrived safe and sound (well, I’m not sure if “sound” will ever describe you, but safe, anyway :)). The photos thus far are beautiful… they look like what I’ve always picture Spain would look like…narrow streets w/ quint buildings… but where did you pick up that creepy looking guy? Actually, I’m so happy you got to do some exploring w/ your Dad, not many people get to have that experience. We missed you at Anne’s graduation party… it was a perfect, sunny day on Lake Burien. Grilled some Copper River Salmon for dinner (at 4, of course, I would starve if I had to wait ’til 9:30 to eat… sheesh, Europeans!). Adam stopped by and ate w/ us… which was great ’cause I miss him already…
    Love, Laura


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