Honey and Sugar

The sun poured through the window as I opened my eyes and welcomed another beautiful day. Although the warmth made clothes unnecessary I slipped a dress on and made my way to breakfast. Mi madre Español had an all day meeting, but she left my roommate and me breakfast on the table.

As I sat down I recognized the different containers on the table: coffee, tea, honey, sugar, and the makings for toast. I poured some rich black coffee into my white cup and decided some honey would be a nice addition. So I reached over and poured the honey into my cup.

Huh, I thought, this honey is much less dense than the honey in the states. That’s weird. The honey isn’t blending with the coffee, it’s settling on top. After tasting said coffee I came to the conclusion that I had not if fact poured honey into my coffee- container actually held olive oil.

After a chuckle to myself I dumped the coffee down the drain determined to get it right the second time. Again I poured myself a cup of coffee, however this time I decided sugar would be a better option than olive oil. Reaching over the table I grabbed the container of sugar and shoveled a spoonful of sugar into my coffee. I stirred the sugar into my coffee and took a big gulp, which I almost spit across the table. IT WAS AWFUL, HOW COULD ANYONE LIKE THIS, oh wait, this isn’t sugar it’s salt.

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