Travel Day 1

Great things about traveling alone:

1. I can do what I want when I want ( however don’t I do that already?)
2. Going through security and finding my gate take 20 minutes instead of 45+
3. When I’m hungry I can go where ever I want, not limited by my brother’s requests for McDonalds

Not so great things about traveling alone:

1. No matter where I go I have to bring my bags
2. My parents aren’t here to buy me food (just kidding… Kind of)

In preparation for this trip I worked hard to only bring 2 carryon bags. Much to everyone’s surprise I was able to stick to this maximum, and I am so thankful now. It makes my life so much easier.

Currently, I am sitting in a Chicago airport food court, two hours into my 4.5 hour layover. Next I have an 8 hour flight to Madrid, once I arrive I have another 4 hour layover until my hour and a half flight to Sevilla. Thankfully, I slept the whole flight from Seattle to Chicago. However currently I cannot get the Internet working and boredom is slowly taking over.

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