Do you even work?

Now before I go too far into my “consumerism is ruining our lives” rant—because the questions above are not actually rhetorical— I want to write the reply I wish I could say to my loved ones who don’t understand, who believe I should be working, or to those that want to travel and don’t believe it’s possible. Here’s what I would say:

Throwback Thursday: 12:30 am

Its 12:30 am and I know I will feel this late night tomorrow as I wake up and drive more hours than I slept home. Yet despite all that, the words lay storming in my mind waiting to stream out of my fingers and swim like migrating salmon onto the page.

I got it from my mama

For today’s post I wanted to honor the woman who brought me into this world. Who gave me such a strong example of what it means to be a woman. If you know my mom than I don’t think all my traveling and independent choices should come as a surprise.  Who is now here in…

Homage to Croft 17 (week 1)

Croft seventeen is a beautiful thing. Where pickax you can swing, dig a trench while whisling aaanndd that’s about as far as my poetry skills will go on this post. In all seriousness, words cannot express the joy and peace I found during my time on Eigg. From the moment I stepped onto the ferry…

Joys of Solitude

The world of solo traveling is a crazy adventure full of new people, new adventures, and exploration of self. Learning how to love yourself, and the joy of solitude is one of the greatest gifts of Solo traveling.

EIGG, Scotland

My adventure to the wonderful Isle of Eigg was not by chance. In all actuality I was searching specifically for volunteering opportunities on the Isle of Eigg per my lovely, amazing adoptive Aunt L. She had gone on her own adventure through Scotland the previous year and returned with rave reviews for the Isle of…

Photo of the Day

While in Esteli, Nicaragua I had the amazing opportunity to tour a running cigar factory and even had the opportunity to try my own hand at rolling. I will definitely stick to my day job. 2016

How to do London like a Local

During my three days in London I had two amazing family friends show me some not-so-typical places in the city. After a day of seeing the touristy sights they took me out to see a different side of London. Every single time I will pick the non-touristy activities over the tourist sights and this time…