Camping in the Northwest 2014 video

This past week has been a flurry of video editing digital organization. Through this craziness I stumbled upon some videos I completely forgot about, and thought it would be fun to post the flash backs. In 2014 I joined family/friends on their annual trip to ************ editors note: I was threatened with death, dismemberment, and…

Photo of the Day

Views from the Jacobite Steam Train from Fort Williams to Mallaig, Scotland. 2018

Photo of the Day

The Maya Beach located close to the Thai island Koh Phi Phi was made famous with the movie “The Beach”. In current times the beach sees upwards of 5,000 visitors a day. The large numbers of visitors and the general disrespect to the beach and environment has resulted in the temporary closure of this buck…

Photo of the Day

A couple lounges in Zitna bay on Korcula Island, Croatia. 2018

Tineo Patagonia glacier 

On my last day at the farm I wanted to take it slow. I tented to hang out with people, sleep in, and relax while enjoying the day. So of course I ended up going on a three hour hike– most of it on hands and knees– up to a glacier. As much as the…