Cuba!! (Things to know)


This past week I had the amazing opportunity to spend 4 days in Havana, Cuba. Even though I just left, I already can’t wait to go back. This upcoming Sunday I have a post talking about my experience during my four days, however I also wanted to write a quick post on some important information and tips for travelers, particularly travelers from the USA visiting Cuba.


  1. Cards with USA banks DO NOT WORK in Cuba. Credit/debit it doesn’t matter. If you are a US citizen and your banks are in the US whatever money you bring with you is all of the money you’ll have for your trip. Next week I’m going to break down what I brought, what I spent, and what I would recommend.
  2. Things you need to get into the country:
    1. Cuba visa– in Mexico I purchased this in the airport
    2. Upon arrival, I was asked to show proof of insurance at the immigration
    3. I also read you needed a printed out itinerary so I brought one, but was never asked to show it.
  3. If you need to change money USD has one of the worst exchange rates. I brought with me Mexican pesos and the worst rate I got was this exchange: 2000 pesos ($100)- 98 CUC ($98), for a total loss of $2– really dang good. If you are looking to exchange money I would recommend going to these following places in this following order:
    1. Someone in your hostel/homestay- usually either the worker or one of their friends knows someone who will exchange money for you.
    2. Bank outside of the airport
      1. Hotels – any of the major hotels will exchange all currency EXCEPT Mexican Pesos.
  4.  If you are able try to get a bit of the local money, cuban pesos, it gives you access to some of the cheaper markets and food places.
  5. As of 2019 wifi is only available in certain locations and you need to buy an internet card to have access. For my trip it was 1 hour- 1 CUC. Typically you can tell if there is wifi in the area by the number of people on their phones. On phones= wifi accessCuba-1
  6. I felt very safe in Cuba HOWEVER if you have someone coming up to you saying “_____” is cheaper at the “Casa de los  ________ (trabajadores/artisanales ect)” IT’S A SCAM. Do not go with them or in the area they indicate, just walk away.
  7. Most (all?) museums are closed Monday.
  8. There is a tax on artwork as you are leaving the country in 2019 it was 6 CUC per artwork piece.
  9. Bring water/ water bottle with you whenever you go out, it’s not always easy to find.
  10. Before you go anywhere look to see if it’s still open first, even if recommended by the locals. I was in searching for places to dance Salsa and 4 of the 5 places recommended were closed. Because of the embargo there’s a lot of instability in which businesses are open, closed permanently, or temporarily closed.


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  1. Great article with perfect tips! Visited Cuba a long time ago and it was exactly the same 🤷‍♀️


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