Puebla, Mexico


Location: Puebla is located in east-central Mexico and is Southeast of Mexico City. By car/bus Puebla is about 2.5 hours.


How to get there: Getting to Puebla from Mexico City is actually really easy. I highly recommend taking a public bus as they are cheap, comfortable, and direct. ADO goes between Puebla and Mexico City and even offers a 50% discount for people who have Mexican students ID’s. You can catch the bus from the Northern terminal, the Southern (Tasquena) or Eastern terminal. The only terminal that doesn’t have buses going to Puebla is the Western Bus station. The bus in 2019 costs, with the student discount, around $5.

Once you get to the Puebla station you’ll need to find a way to the city center. The walk from the terminal to the center is about 1 hour, and the taxi ride is about 15 minutes. There is Uber in Puebla, but we actually found the official taxi to be the cheapest at $80 pesos.


Setting: Puebla is an open colonial city that reminds me of small town Spain. Churches in Puebla are like Starbucks in Seattle-found on every corner. Puebla has a very strong art and culinary history which is reflected in the many restaurants and artwork found hiding amidst the city streets. Over the weekend you will also find your self stumbling upon many markets, large and small.


Experience: I absolutely loved my time in Puebla. For me, it was the perfect place to lose myself. I explored this great city with my friend R and we both put our phones away, any paper maps we may still carry and lost ourselves on the cobblestone. I honestly can’t count the number of markets we stumbled upon (or how many earrings I walked away with). We stayed a Hotel Morada which happened to be the cheapest place we found for 2 people at $300 pesos for a single room with a queen. The bed was decent and the room was relatively clean. Most importantly it was located really close to the artist row and within a 5 minute walk of the Zocalo without being overrun with people.

As always let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.


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