My, my Alice time does fly

Do you ever feel like Alice falling down the hole? As if you’ve taken one step, expecting to land in one spot only to find your self in a completely foreign place? But wait. Not only are you in some unknown land, you’re also unable to disconcern how much time has past. Has it been just a second, a day, a month, years?

At the moment I feel a bit like Alice. Has it really been years since I’ve truly updated this blog? And at the same moment I am looking around wondering where exactly I find myself; how I find myself. I am no longer a teacher. In a  just a few days I will no longer live in Baton Rouge. And I am no longer the 22 year old girl who started her journey to the south bright eyed and bushy tailed. Yet, she still lurks somewhere below the surface. I may no longer hold the title of Spanish teacher, yet I am not able to simply shrug that skin off. I will no longer call Baton Rouge my home, but I will not forget the experiences nor the lifelong bonds formed.

The leaving is interesting. Both joy and sadness coexist in the same confusion of my mind. I am leaving, but not starting. I have no career lined up, no home already found. Instead I am stepping into a different, well worn persona; the traveller. Over the next couple of months I will revamp the blog. It will be updated for past, current, and future adventures. For now I will leave you with a thought best said by Robert frost:

“You are searching, Joe,

for things that don’t exist: I mean


Endings and beginnings — there are no

such things.

There are only middles”

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