Getting there: Esteli->Isla Ometepe

After my 2 glorious weeks in Esteli ( I wish I could have stayed longer) I went back out on the road. I decided to spend travel to the beautiful Ometepe Island in southern Nicaragua. Getting to the isla was a bit of an adventure and I though I would share my experience in case someone else is looking to make the same trip.


  1. I took an express bus from Esteli to Tipitapa

I started my trip in the Northern bus station on the 8:45am bus. Currently there are express buses leaving at 7:45 and 8:45 (Maybe more). It cost me C79. I could have easily done this for much less, and would not take the express bus if I was going to do this again. The bus was about 1.75 hours and I had to pay attention to make sure I didn’t miss my stop

  1. From Tipitapa I took a chicken bus to Masaya

I got off the bus from Esteli, crossed the street and stood along the road perpendicular to the street I got off on. ( To find the correct spot to stand I just asked someone who pointed me in the right direction) I waited less than 5 minutes before spotting a bus with “Masaya” on the window Cost C30 and lasted about 1.5 hours

  1. I got off the bus somewhere in Masaya and took a taxi to the San Jorge Bus station

This is where the trip gets a little tricky. I realized once people were getting on and off in Masaya that the bus was not going to stop at a terminal. So I needed to figure out which stop would get me closest to wherever I needed to be to catch my next bus. Thank you wonderful people of Nicaragua. I asked the bus attendant and he started saying something about walking straight. I ended up getting off the bus on a road with painted white curbs and trees down the center. From there I hailed a taxi cab who drove me straight, took a right, and then dropped me off at a bus stop on the side of the road ( Note: most people told me it was impossible to go straight to San Jorge, and I would have to stop in Rivas but I was actually able to go straight there). Cost bus C50 taxi C20 Taxi was 10 minutes bus to San Jorge was about 2 hours.



  1. Got off Bus from Masaya on it’s last stop at the port in San Jorge. Took the 2pm boat to San Jose sur

Walked directly off the bus, and most of the locals were rushing to a window in the building across the street. I never really figured out why the rush, but I bought my ticket C35 walked through the gate and down to the dock. Ferry took just over and 1.5 hours

  1. Boat ends in San Jose Sur and took a bus to Atagracia

Again when the boat stopped people began to rush out. I followed suit and ended up in the only small van/bus. Some people weren’t able to get a seat on the bus so I’m very glad I rushed. Cost C15 and lasted about 15-30 minutes with it’s final stop in Altagracia.


In all I left Esteli at 8:45 in the morning and arrive in Altagracia around 4:30. Not too bad.


Note: If I was to do this again I would go from Esteli to Managua, Managua to San Jorge/ Rivas ( I believe this is possible) . It was too stressful trying to find my way off the bus in Masaya.


If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message!

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