My hearts devoción,San Juan, Puerto Rico


Have you ever seen west side story? If you have, do you remember the scene in the roof with the song that starts with “Puerto rico, my hearts devotion…”? Well, I have. Not only have I seen it I also happen to remember the song and I proceeded to sing it All. Trip. Long.  I can’t say other people enjoyed it as much as I did but hey, I had fun and that’s what counts right? 

I arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico the night of the 19th. I met up with my friend M whom I have known for most my life and haven’t seen in multiple months. We went out that night before getting up early the next morning intending to go to the isla culebra on the east side of Puerto Rico. 

The morning turned out to be a series of failures. Everything started out great, with no hint to the upcoming turmoil. I woke up early, planned a bit of the upcoming week, and then had breakfast with M who, having checked the night before, thought check out was at 12. We ate breakfast as a leasurely pace and went to check out at 11:40. Well, it turns out check out was at 11; mistake number one. Then we went to take a bus to Fajardo where we would then catch the ferry; error number two, all the buses leave before 9am. So we looked into other options and decided to take the slightly more expensive option and fly so we could get to the island quicker. 

After planning it all out and buying our tickets we went for a walk around the city and stocked up on groceries; error number three. Turns out ( we found out upon arriving at the airport) each person had a 25 lb limit. M and I were both not only over the limit, but over the limit by 25lb EACH. Haha Opps. So we had to pay an extra $35 on top of our 75 dollar flight. Even though all this happened ( I also didn’t included getting off the bus two stops early and having to walk in the heat with said 50 lbs per person) we were still really enjoying the day. 

The plane we took to culebra was awesome. A tiny little thing. It could only fit ten passangers plus the captain. We got amazing views of the island and I even saw some whales swimming in the water below. It was amazing. 

























































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