Chaiten, Chile 

I spent a total of one month and a day at Tineo Patagonia. I don’t have enough time, words, or patience to fully articulate how much I enjoyed my time there. The Monday of February 23rd I left my little home in Futaleufu to continue my travels. After sitting on the side of the road for over an hour and a half with A, I, and T, I discovered I had missed the bus. And by missed the bus I mean it drove past with out stopping. I had two choices: wait for another bus, hope it stops, and pray they have space for me, or I could hitch hike. I choose to hitch hike. M gave me a ride eight miles down the road where I sat for ten minutes until getting picked up. 

I got picked up by a nice gentleman who owned a fishing lodge about twenty minutes down the road. Turns out he knew my bosses! Such a small world. He dropped me off at Puerto Ramirez where I waited an hour before I was again picked up. 

This time I was picked up by three people who were also going to Chaiten. I was so lucky. Chaiten was still three hours away and as we drove I lost count of the number of hitch hikers looking for a ride. 

They dropped me off at the hospejade owned by a friend of my boss. Within five minutes of arriving, her friend walked in and after introductions were made, askes if I want to go with a group of people on a “small” hike up a volcano. Sure, I said. 

I didn’t realize this “little hike” would take over seven hours. Meaning I arrived back in Chaiten after dark and after learning that all the boats and buses were booked until Thursday. This was a problem because I had a fight early thursday morning from Puerto Montt– Chaiten is about thirteen hours by boat from Puerto Montt. 

I was very lucky yet again.  F’s friend fed me and gave me a private room, all for free. The next morning when I woke up and said hi to the owner he freaked out. He proceeded to rush me out the door saying something about needing to be on the boat that was leaving now, and something about talking to the captain — it was all in spanish, I only understood bits and pieces. Someone I met the night before drove me to the boat, talked to the captain, and forty minutes after I had woken up I was on a boat to….somewhere. 

Turns out I was on a boat to Quellon, Chile. From there I had to take a bus to Puerto Montt, the kind people on the ferry informed me. Thirteen hours later found me cold, dirty, tired, and in Pueto Montt at 11pm without a place to stay. 

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