Home, Tineo Patagonia

Have you ever met someone and felt like you’ve arrived home? When short conversations easily turn to long conversations. When a question about work turns into a twisting and winding adventure through the paths and stories that have shaped you into the person currently sitting on the porch? I found this rare unicorn (this ones for you izzy) in the shape of a Canadian family from Vancouver island. 

My second week at Tineo Patagonia found me hot, sweaty, desperately needing a shower (when was the last time I washed my clothes?) , and tired. Waking up to the brisk morning air I had become accustom too, I had to drag myself out of bed. The five minutes spent laying in my bed pretending I didn’t have to work meant I didn’t have time to eat breakfast. So out the door I ran, hoping I would make it to work on time. 

Twelve hours later, after my nanny shift, I had to go down and give the new volunteers a tour of sorts. Needless to say this was not something I wanted to do. This introduction meant my fantasies of laying in bed and eating nutella would have to wait. Dragging my feet, I went down to meet the “nerdy but nice”  (as described by M) family from Canada.

 I instantly liked them. They were kind and easy to talk too. They were willing to do anything and help out in any way; those of you who have worked with people know how valuable and rare it is to have people working for you who are willing. As much as I liked them in our first encounter, it took me a few days to really appreciate and realize how lucky I was to have met them. 

I is the daughter of A and S. She is smart, quick, funny, and has an amazing singing voice. In my final few days on the farm, when I was living with them, I gave her little sister lessons. Telling her all the intricacies of how to steal my clothes and eat all the Nutella. I is an amazing artist (I’m going to have to contest your claim protesting your cat obsession). We spent our time dancing to Luna tart, looking for chicken eggs, and laughing at potty jokes. 

S is the father to I and the husband to A. He has an unmatchable knowledge of all things green, growing, and greenhousy. He has this amazing talent for teaching people, and creating a safe space. His generosity blew me away multiple times, thank you S for helping me get through those long days, for doing such a wonderful job with the volunteers, and for the drawing you made me.

A is mother and wife. She is a combination of my mom and “second mom”; Crazy (in all the good ways), hilarious, raunchy, radical, and kind to her bones. In more than one occasion she would sit patiently on her porch bench and listen to me rant and rave. These seasons were accented by tea or wine, depending on the level of frustration. We made an awesome (or terrifying pair, some would say) causing chaos on the farm. 

I would not have survived my experience on Tineo Patagonia without them. Thank you I, S, A for accepting me in to your family. For caring for me both physically and emotionally. For all the laugher over inappropriate dinner conversations and for all the weight gained from your delicious cooking. Until next time. 

Iz, my response:

“If you were a football team, you’ve be my favorite”

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