Koh Lanta

After a one day trip to Koh Phi Phi V and I decided to take a vacation from travel and spent three nights in a little bungalow by the beach.
We spent the first day at the beach, and then decided to rent a motorcycle to travel around the island. Unfortunately our plans were disrupted right after our lovely lunch on the hill side when power on the island went out, and it started to rain. We spent the rest of the day reading before going into town after dinner.
I have never experienced the kind of kindness I did on Koh Lanta. That night when we went out my friend V had a minor accident on the motorbike. Essentially she tried to turn and fell over. Two locals immediately ran to help her. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt, but the brake handle had broken. The two locals helped upright the bike and then spent the next ten minutes looking at the bike, giving us driving advice, and told us how much to expect to pay to fix the bike. Later we walked down to beach with a beer and sat down on the ledge of a sign for a beach side resort. About two minutes after sitting down a security guard approached us. I thought for sure that he was going to ask us to leave. Instead he not only tells us to sit on the beach chairs, he opens our beers and then comes back with a glass full of ice for said beer AND a plater of fresh cut pineapple; all for free. Later on he again comes back with blankets for us. This would never happen in the states, never.
The next day was spent driving around island trying to find the bike part. I am so glad this was how we spent our day. Even though we drove around for five hours in the sun, we met so many locals. I felt we truly got a feel for the island. After we finally found a shop with the brake handle, we went and had lunch on the beach.

Oh, and a cat adopted us; I named her pumpkin.
















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