Aguas Calientes

After the amazing two days at Los Frailes, we decided to head in land to Aguas Calientes. Now I’m not sure what part of Hot Water made me think that there was going to be cold water near by, but we were all extra grumpy when we arrived hot and tired to find water that could not cool us down. There was supposed to be cold water some where at the end of the hike, but then next day ( after we hiked in about 20 minutes and camped) we couldn’t find it on our hike. There was a lot of great wildlife: Scorpions, owls, and TONS of daddy long leg spiders. As night was falling, I started to notice an influx of daddy long legs while cooking dinner. Slowly, the darker it got, the more spiders came out to say hi. It got to the point where I would shine my light and in one beam, I could see between 10-25 spiders. Needless to say, we quickly made our food edible and then booked it inside the tent.

IMG_6429 IMG_6454IMG_6455 IMG_6521 IMG_6592 IMG_6593 IMG_6594 IMG_6595 IMG_6601 IMG_6604

After a eventful night and disappointing hike ( We walked for about an hour in the blazing heat and could not find the falls with the cold water) we decided we were ready to sleep in really beds. Cabo San Lucas here we come!

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