La Fortuna

Our flight to Baja California went very smooth, and we were able to pick up the car with a good amount of daylight left. The warmth was awesome!! We weren’t quite sure where we were; we just wanted to get to the beach as soon as possible. After accidentally taking the wrong turn, we found ourself in the heart of the historic district of San Jose Del Cabo. My friend kept urging me to pull over, but parking was limited and I was determined to find our way. Some how after 12 minutes we magically did find the right road, although we weren’t convinced until 25 minutes into our drive! We stopped at a very small market and picked up some water. At this point we had been in Cabo for about 2 hours and still had yet to see the beach. We finally took a right turn and ended up in La Fortuna.

We pulled up next to a small B&B, threw on bathing suites, and ran to the beach. The surf was awesome, really steep, with big waves. We were able to start at the top of the sand and throw our bodies into the cascading waves. The sun was getting ready to set and we needed to figure out our plans for sleeping. My friend went up to some fisherman on the beach to ask about camping on the beach. They told us to try going to the end of the beach by some cool rocks. We grabbed all our stuff and walked 15 minutes to find a small hideout perfect for camping. We set up our tent, and then walked back to the B&B where we had dinner.

La Fortuna was the perfect location for our first night. We didn’t have to worry about cooking, it was close to San Jose Del Cabo where we had to go back the next day to pick up two other people. Upon reflection I wish we would have stay there for more than just one night, but alas it is was it is.


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