Kefalos, Kos, Greece

For this weeks edition of “Throwback Thursday” I’m bringing it all the way back to last August when I met up with my BBWANEF * on the Isle of Kos in Greece. I’ve known M almost my whole life. From the moment his family got two new kittens and his mom let an 9 year-old…

Bellinis and lipstick, Venice

The light begins to fade on the streets of Venice and I can’t decide what’s more entertaining,  the story of the lost tourist sitting at the table beside me, the thoughts in my head, or the whirlpool of my pink Bellini. Tourist upon tourists wander by without a second thought while aching feet intersect with…

Photo of the Day

A baby zebra takes a walk around Kroger National Park in South Africa. 2017

Photo of the Day

A man labors over a horse saddle in progress in the back yard workshop, Esteli, Nicaragua. 2016