Solo female backpacking advice.

1. I try to always stay away from the main touristy roads. When anyone asks me advice on traveling, these are always the first words out of my mouth. I discovered the advantages to staying away from the main tourist areas by pure accident. My first week in Bangkok I stayed at a hostel, Siam…

South East Asia Video !!

Had a really fun 8 hours making a video of my trip (and by fun I mean, as fun as having your teeth pulled). If you want a pretty accurate summary of my three month adventure, check it out! South East Asia 2014  Enjoy!

Koh Rong

After over a month of traveling nonstop I needed a break. Koh Rong perfectly fit my needs with amazing people, lovely beaches, and unbelievable water.

Siem Reap

I wasn’t a big fan of Siem Reap. This may be a result of only venturing into the touristy locations, where tuk-tuk drivers and vendors alike hound you every step you take.