Edinburgh, Scotland

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Edinburgh two times during my stay in the United Kingdom. I first visited this lovely city on my way up to the Isle of Eigg in mid-July, and then again on my return trip. I absolutely loved the city both times.

Edinburgh is a city built on history. Winding roads, hidden tunnels, and sky-scraping towers all tell bits of the cities extensive history. During my first visit to Edinburgh I visited most of the traditional sights. After taking a 11-hour, overnight bus I arrived exhausted into the city. I could barely keep my eyes open, but I didn’t want to waste a day in this beautiful city, so I purchased a hop-on, hop-off bus ticket. This way I could see the city without doing too much walking or thinking. I ended up doing the same route twice because I was too exhausted to do anything else. During the first morning I also accidentally got to see the queen as she left the Ceremony of the Thistle.

My second visit to Edinburgh was very different, but just as great as the first visit. This time instead of doing all the typical touristy things I stayed with a friend I met on the ferry to Eigg (don’t worry madre) and hung out with him and his friends at the Fringe Festival.  The Fringe festival is one of the largest festivals in the United Kingdom and spans the entirety of the month of August. We were able to catch a stand up comedy act, and two skit shows. I had such a great time exploring the city and would definitely count Edinburgh in my top favorite cities.


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